(except yourself)

In WORMHOLE, you're a giant space worm eating, shooting, dashing, and exploding your way through the cosmos. This adrenaline fuelled arcade action game features galaxies to consume, a stackable perk system, worms with cowboys hats, and a spooky chiptune soundtrack ripped straight from Dracula’s tape deck.

Eat planets

grow bigger

go faster


Planets give you energy that depletes over time, forcing you to find your next meal fast to recharge it. The more planets you eat, the longer you get, putting you at a greater risk of eating yourself! Careful use of the level’s wormholes is key to navigating the cosmos.


WORMHOLE’s visuals are straight out of the early 80’s with its two-tone colour pallet, stripped back visuals, and a lo-fi, sci-fi, B-movie inspired aesthetic. A “rundown CRT” effect gives the feel of an old arcade cabinet that’s just been dusted off. This along with tons of unlockable color palettes and visuals create the perfect mix of modern and retro arcade gaming. No token eating here!


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